Camera Systems

Camera Systems

Backeye®360 – the telematic eye GLOBTRAK

Monitoring systems use state-of-the-art BRIGADE camera sets. We are an integrator and distributor of this brand’s equipment, and can confidently recommend the solutions that it has developed.

Backeye®360 is a set of four ultra-wide-angle cameras that process the recorded video in real time. The camera set provides innovative support that takes the comfort of maneuvering a vehicle to a whole new level.

The standard solution, that is, a set of car mirrors, has its disadvantages. Some key challenges are the blind spots and distortions of vision caused by mirrors. Add to this adverse weather conditions, noise, heavy traffic, distraction, and the risk of a collision increases dramatically.

Backeye®360 to przysłowiowe, technologiczne „oczy wokół głowy”, łączące inteligentne funkcje z bezbłędną komunikacją elementów systemu.

Backeye®360 is technology giving you eyes all around your head, combining smart functions with flawless communication of the system’s individual components.

Key advantages of the Backeye®360 smart camera system:

  • The signal received from all the cameras is processed to remove distortions. The driver of the vehicle gets clear, high-quality video.

  • The system assists with low-speed maneuvers – parking, driving in/out, turning

  • A comprehensive bird’s-eye view of the vehicle minimizes the risk of collisions with pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles, and infrastructure elements.

  • Camera footage is valuable evidence to help your company avoid costly claims.