GPS telematics

GPS telematics

GLOBTRAK GPS – we give the signal for development

Extended monitoring systems have one task: to support your business. Precise control of the location and speed of vehicles is just the beginning. GLOBTRAK in an extended version opens up opportunities for optimization in a broad sense. Analysis of data from the system of sensors reveals functions that you could manage better, more efficiently.

Maybe you will find a better route for your fleet and save fuel. Automated record-keeping will free up your time from excessive bureaucracy. Real-time tracking of your fleet’s routes gives you the confidence of control and time to react when the unexpected occurs.

GPS SMART – „inteligentny” to nowy „użyteczny”

SMART GPS – ‘smart’ is the new ‘useful’

Among the advantages of our device, there is repeated mention of the “smart system” or SMART. There is more to this word than simple usability. The system’s components form a seamless mechanism that collects, processes, analyses data, and produces ready-made reports. Your job is limited to just launching the process.

In everyday life you probably already use a smartphone, smart home appliances, or a smart TV. You may consider SMART GPS as another tool that, just like the devices mentioned above, goes well beyond standard ‘usability’.

We developed the GLOBTRAK system in the spirit of SMART technology. Its key distinguishing features include smart management and seamless communication between system components. Information flowing in from the set of locators is processed in real time. You get a complete report based on highly precise data and some powerful computing. Innovativeness of the GLOBTRAK GPS telematics system has been recognized by the committee of the EU’s Innovative Economy Operational Programme.

All the system components are compatible and fully intuitive to operate. GLOBTRAK is a so-called ‘cloud tool’ based on the latest technologies. We have ensured a seamless flow of signals and data between individual components of the system – in both the basic and extended versions. System versions with the maximum number of additional features efficiently combine data from locators, cameras, and RFID transmitters, among others.

Maximum data security is one of the key advantages of the GLOBTRAK system. Information that originates from locators and systems of sensors is stored by us on our own servers at the Colocation Center. This solution effectively prevents data leaks and protects against unauthorized access. We ensure only the latest, updated security standards for any stored information. By using the GLOBTRAK system, you can be certain that the data of your company and your employees are 100% safe.

Before we became experts, we were (and still are) technology buffs. We invited experts in modern technologies, digital systems, and automotive to work with us. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience. Our clients receive full assistance at the stage of system implementation, and later they receive maintenance support. Professional advice is provided by experienced Regional Product Managers. They are our trusted experts. It is them who will check the system’s options in terms of suitability for your company’s needs, industry challenges, and opportunities to gain a technological edge.