Telematic witnesses to events

A modern digital recorder is an essential component of any set for monitoring a vehicle and its surroundings. What will you use the recorded material for?

First of all, you can assess the driving style of your fleet drivers. You can see how the drivers maneuver the vehicles and, if need be, ask them to change certain practices. If there has been a road accident or collision, you have a full insight into the recording of the event. In case of any financial claims, you can use the recording as primary evidence. What is more, the camera system protects company vehicles when parked – in parking lots or unmonitored areas.

You can control the recording process remotely. The system allows you to start recording when motion is detected near the vehicle.

Nagrywanie na cyfrowym rejestratorze – Jakie korzyści otrzymujesz?

Recording on a digital recorder – what advantages do you get?

  • Your comfort – risk brings with it a great deal of stress. Thanks to monitoring, you avoid the constant worrying about unpredictable costs of damage to vehicles and property.
  • Passenger comfort – monitoring with long recording times means even better protection of passengers in municipal and other forms of public transportation.
  • Reduced costs – you will avoid or minimize the costs associated with claims, fraud, theft, and extortion. You have evidence that will be difficult to challenge
  • Improved driver behavior – awareness of monitoring has a positive impact on the behavior of your fleet drivers. A driver improves the way they drive, adopts better practices and, at the same time, worries less about the consequences of unforeseen events such as fraudulent collisions.