CAN Monitoring

CAN Monitoring

Vehicle status sCANning with GLOBTRAK

Reading data from the CAN bus is one of the key functionalities of the GLOBTRAK system. The combination of CAN and GPS opens up enormous possibilities in terms of analyzing selected parameters of the vehicle.

As a fleet owner or dispatcher, you may, for example, assess the driver’s driving style in terms of safety and fuel consumption. When data from the CAN bus are superimposed on a real-time route overview, you get a full visualization of the fleet’s operation. The system generates reports that enable you to compare the efficiency of individual vehicles. The bus data come in handy also when assessing the technical condition of the vehicle.

The number of analyzed factors depends on which system package you choose. You will find the most extensive options for monitoring CAN indications in the GLOBTRAK Professional package.


Jakie kluczowe parametry z magistrali CAN mierzy GLOBTRAK?

What key parameters from the CAN bus does GLOBTRAK measure?

  • The fleet dispatcher is able to track a vehicle’s fuel levels and consumption with an accuracy of approx. 15%.

  • Analysis of engine-on time, revolutions, and speed makes it possible to evaluate the driver’s driving style and safety.

  • Regular monitoring of engine load and temperature as well as axle load reduces the risk of breakdowns.

  • The complete set of data read from the CAN bus gives a full overview of the course of the vehicle’s operation.

Dlaczego CAN przydaje się także w monitoringu pojazdów osobowych?

Why is CAN useful also for monitoring passenger vehicles?

The advantages of data downloaded from the CAN bus are equally valuable for truck and passenger fleets. In both cases, you are able to analyze the driver’s driving style and safety. If you manage a commercial fleet, data from the CAN bus of a car will indicate factors that may beoptimized.

As a commercial fleet owner, you can reduce fuel costs and boost driving efficiency. And last but not least: the environment. A smooth, well-thought-out driving technique means less fuel used and less pollution.