Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Modern fuel management

Analysis of the fuel consumption status is another of the key functionalities of the GLOBTRAK system. This module is designed to support you in, above all, optimizing your expenditure. Thanks to the installed probes and flow meters linked to a GPS locator, you have a complete overview of the status of real fuel consumption.

Additional functionalities also allow you to assess the driver’s driving style. Thanks to GLOBTRAK, you know which aspects of fuel management need improvement. You can shorten your fleet’s routes or make your drivers improve their driving style to a more eco-friendly one. GLOBTRAK puts a proven tool in your hands, tested in fleets across a range of industries – from transport and construction to agriculture.

Jak kontrola zużycia paliwa może pomóc Twojej firmie?

How can controlling of fuel consumption help your business?

  • The system gives you a database of precise information obtained from the fuel probe and GPS locator, and in extended versions also from a set of additional sensors.

  • The fuel consumption report will form a solid basis for introducing optimizations.

  • According to our estimates, using the GLOBTRAK system can result in fuel savings of up to 20%.

  • Have doubts about your company’s real fuel consumption? Data from the reports will provide evidence in the event of suspected misuse.

  • It has a seal and a protection against attempts to falsify the measurement results

Kluczowe zalety sondy paliwowej, wykorzystywanej w systemie GLOBTRAK:

Key advantages of the fuel probe used in the GLOBTRAK system:,

  • Measurement with an accuracy of up to +/−1%.

  • Versatility – it can be installed in cars, trucks, as well as agricultural and construction machinery.

  • High resistance to impacts, vibrations, and demanding working conditions.

  • Reliable operation at temperatures ranging from −40°C to 85°C.

  • It is resistant to overloading.