Vehicle Protection

Vehicle Protection

GLOBTRAK – virtual captain of the fleet

GLOBTRAK VEHICLE PROTECTION is a powerful tool that will help you generate savings for your company. Among the many advantages of the system, we also wish to highlight the wide-ranging protection of vehicles. Does detailed monitoring really protect transport fleets? This question can be best answered by business owners who already use the system.

GPS monitoring will not protect you from every risk associated with fleet management, but it will reduce those risks to a minimum. When using the system, you get the feeling that modern technology really supports your work and the safety of your vehicles – from the first kilometer of your route.

Jakie funkcje systemu GPS GLOBTRAK najlepiej służą ochronie Twojej floty?

What features of the GLOBTRAK GPS system best serve to protect your fleet? GPS

  • GPS monitoring gives you a real-time overview of the route. There is no risk of a vehicle suddenly ‘disappearing’ from sight.

  • Open fuel cap feature protects against abuse and prevents losses.

  • Remote vehicle locking is an advanced option that will give you even more confidence about the safety of your vehicle.

  • A set of sensors that monitors the vehicle’s condition will help prevent any possible technical failures.


Ochrona samochodu osobowego z GLOBTRAKIEM

Car protection with GLOBTRAK

Without even mentioning the system’s more advanced features, its basic ones – tracking the location and speed of the vehicle – already take car protection to the next level.

Is a company vehicle used by several employees? Does your team often go on business trips? Want to be sure that the company vehicle is being used correctly? GLOBTRAK fits your company’s needs perfectly, also in terms of vehicle protection. How?

  • Live overview of the trip allows to react in case of unforeseen events, e.g., a sudden need to change the route.
  • The GLOBTRAK eCall module makes it possible to call for help manually or automatically after a traffic incident.

  • GPS monitoring is a valuable aid in the event of vehicle theft.

  • The fleet dispatcher receives, by email or text message, information about selected incidents on an ongoing basis.

  • Additional protection for the vehicle, which reduces the risk of unauthorized access, is provided by the driver identification function combined with door open/closed signaling.

Czy Twój prywatny samochód “zasługuje” na profesjonalną ochronę?

Does your private car ‘deserve’ professional protection?

The answer to this question seems obvious. Think back to when you were planning a long-distance trip – in case of problems, monitoring would have helped you to easily change your route, among other things. You want to lend a private car, but are afraid of costly consequences in the event of theft, for example? An installed GPS system – in either the basic or extended version – will minimize the risk of possible losses. The GLOBTRAK eCall module, which enables manual or automatic calling for emergency assistance, will further relieve you of your concerns about passenger safety.